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The Best Fishing Reels to Get You Your Next Big Catch

Posted on September 24 2019

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While having all kinds of fishing gear from specialty hooks to flashy baits can make fishing more fun, the basics are still the most important when it comes to reeling in your next big catch.

Fishing reels are one of those pieces of fishing gear that make a big difference in your fishing adventures. Even though fishing reels only became widely used within the last 400 years, they can make or break the success of each outing. Originally made of wooden spools and winches, modern fishing reels are made out of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber. Over time, gears were added to fishing reels to increase the speed of the line being round back up. Today, fishing reels are made with ease and durability in mind with ergonomic shapes, corrosion-resistant materials, and reels made for every type of fishing.

When it comes to fishing gear, making sure you have a strong line, your favorite fishing pole, and the perfect reel should be your top priorities.

If you already have a favorite fishing pole but are looking for a good reel to match, we recommend one of our five top choices.

Budget-Friendly: Daiwa Laguna Spin REEL

The Daiwa Laguna Spin Reel is perfect for freshwater and light saltwater fishing. Featuring an ABS Aluminum spool, one-touch folding handle, and infinite anti-reverse, this spinning reel will make you want to head out to the closest body of water as soon as it arrives. The Daiwa Laguna Spin Reel works best with Laguna rods.

Unique Design: Daiwa Crossfire FD Spin Reel

The Daiwa Crossfire FD Spin Reel offers a high level of fishing performance. Made of a double anodized ABS aluminum spool with copper coloring, the high-quality design and unique copper coloring make this reel a crowd favorite. The Daiwa Crossfire FD Spin Reel has a 260 yard/20lb mono capacity.

Brute Strength: Abu Garcia CLASSIC BCAST REEL

The Abu Garcia Classic BCAST Reel has an upgraded performance alongside proven strength and engineering. Featuring three stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing, the Abu Garcia Classic BCAST Reel provides smooth operation with an ergonomic design. The spool is made of aluminum.

Compact and Light: SALTIST Star Drag Conventional Reel

The Saltist Star Drag Conventional Reel is a reel well-suited for a braided line. It features an aluminum design with an anodized finish for greater corrosion resistance and a centrifugal braking system for control and longer casts.  The Saltist Star Drag Conventional Reel has a maximum drag pressure range from 17 to 25 pounds.

Heavy Duty & Highest Quality: Penn TORQUE II REEL

The Penn Torque II Reel has a full metal body, side plate, and rotor for heavy-duty fishing on a boat or from shore. This reel uses an updated Slammer Drag System, which now utilizes Penn’s proprietary Dura-Drag material. The Penn Torque II Reel has an instant anti-reverse bearing with silent back up ratchet and has a 38” retrieve rate.

These are just a few of our favorite fishing reels, but we have a wide variety of reels available in our store where you can shop all outdoor and fishing gear today.