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Your Camping Essentials

Posted on September 17 2019

Your Camping Essentials

There is nothing better than the great outdoors. Unplug, relax, and take in nature. But in order to have a safe camping trip, you need to remember your essentials. Whether it’s for cooking, sleeping, or surviving the wilderness, we have your camping gear here at Vets4Vets Outdoors!


Set Up the Tent

If you’re new to camping, you might want a tent that feels a little more like home. For that, we recommend the PahaQue Screenroom. The PahaQue Screenroom is a 10x10 tent with two large zipper doors and awnings out each of the four sides. The PahaQue Screenroom has high-quality mesh to keep those pesky bugs out! But maybe you are a true camper and know you only need a small tent. Choose the Shadow Mountain Cabana, which is designed to weather all storms, especially wind and rain! The long-lasting material will make the Shadow Mountain Cabana you’re go-to tent for all your camping adventures!


Ultimate Campsite

All campers know there is a secret battle on every campsite as to who has the best set-up. Upgrade your campsite with the best camping gear, like reinforcing your tent with these pegs. Add a tent rug and some camping pillows for the coziest tent on site. Outside the tent, set up a hammock (it’s lightweight and packs easily!) and a pop-up trash can to make sure there you don’t leave any garbage behind!


Outdoor Cooking

It’s not camping until you’re cooking over a campfire! You want cookware that is easy to travel with but still cooks your food well. After all, you’ve probably spent the day hunting, fishing, or hiking, so you’re ready for a great meal before sleeping under the stars. Grab a Ridgeline Cookset and matching Ridgeline Cutlery Set for a small set that has everything you need. The Ridgeline Cutlery Set inter-locks, so it won’t take up too much space in your camping gear. If you really want to save space, grab a Flexware Bowl, which collapses when it’s empty!


Safely See

When camping, safety is the number one priority. You might be at an unfamiliar campsite, or made a wrong turn and are still hiking after dark. It’s always important to over-pack when it comes to headlamps and flashlights. This Mag-Tac flashlight is one of the best on the market, and will always perform when you need it most! Looking at a map after dark? A headlamp like the Smith & Wesson Delta Force is lightweight, waterproof, and has seven light modes!


Camping Must-Haves

Camping is an enjoyable retreat from everyday life, but if you don’t have the essential camping gear, it can go wrong quickly! Before you leave, make sure you have all the equipment necessary for a successful trip. Here is our list of camping must-haves:


Once you’re all packed up, you’re ready to hit the trail. Set up camp and enjoy your time outdoors with all the camping gear you could need from Vets4Vets Outdoors