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Arashi Top Walker 13 Ghost Pearl Shad

1 availble.

Features a responsive walking action that delivers a longer glide and powerful wake even in choppy water conditions. Low roll action keeps the hooks below the bait at all times as it walks to increase positive hook-up percentage. Triple rotated hook hangers nest the hooks close to the body for improved action and allow for larger size hooks. Multiple ultiple rattles deliver a cadence sound with variable pitch frequency mimicking schooling baitfish and are perfectly placed for long casts.


- Multi-Ball Cadence Rattle
- Rotated Hook Hangers
- 3D Holographic Eyes
- Premium VMC Black Nickel Hooks


- Size: 13
- Running Depth: Topwater
- Body Length: 5 1/8"
- Hook Size: #2
- Weight: 1 1/8 oz
- Color: Ghost Pearl Shad