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Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice Tundra Series Xl - 5 Lb Reusable Freezer Temp

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Arctic ice tundra series xl 5 lb reusable freezer temp
FEATURES-Chillin’ Brew’s™ freezing point of 5°F is designed to help maintain a constant freezer temperature in coolers-Due to its low freezing point, Tundra Series™ can take from 18-36 hours to freeze-To ensure Tundra Series™ panels are frozen, the freezer should be turned to its lowest setting or at least 0°F-Thermochromic "smart" temperature sensor-UV stabilized color container-Non-toxic, bio degradable-Rugged container with maximum surface area for faster cooling-Leak proof ultra sonicspin welded cap-Top-rack dishwasher safe-Dimensions: 10.925" x 8.661" x 1.85