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Chug Bug MadFlash 08 Hot Belly Blue

3 availble.

The same do everything topwater action as the Rattlin� Chug Bug with even more flash. For the added flash we included a loud single ball rattle, scaled body with internal MadFlash holographic patterns, 3-D holographic eyes and to seal the deal VMC black nickel treble hooks and a feathered rear hook.


- Scaled Body with Internal MadFlash Holographic
- Loud Single Ball Rattle
- Weighted Tail for Long Casts
- 3-D HolographicEyes
- Front VMC Black Nickel Treble Hook and Back Feathered Black Nickel VMC Hooks
- Spits, Darts and Chugs Like Fleeing Baitfish


- Size: 08
- Running Depth: Topwater
- Body Length: 3 1/4"
- Hook Size: #5
- Weight: 3/8 oz
- Color: Hot Belly Blue