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Zoom Bait Company

Zoom Fat Albert 5' 10-bag Chartreuse Pepper

2 availble.

Wanna do a little hawg callin'? Pitch this plump bodied Salty Fat Albert grub out there to bring those heavy sows a-runnin'. And once they zoom in and clamp down, the Fat Albert's heavy salt load makes sure they won't let go. These versatile, high action grubs are very effective jigged or Texas rigged. The extra-fat 3 1/4' body of the Fat Albert Grub provides a wide profile. This style is popular for many gamefish used on a jig hook. The Zoom Fat Albert Grub works great fished on a jig head or even as a spinnerbait or jig trailer. The Fat Albert Grub often works best fished on a 1/8 - 1/4 oz. jig head and bounced on the bottom.

Length: 5''. 10 pack.